Virtual Imaging, Inc., a leading provider of preventive healthcare and early detection services. Our mission is to combat life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and more through the use of low-dose CT scanning technology. Our clients’ stories speak volumes about the value and impact of our services. Here, you will read firsthand accounts from individuals whose lives have been positively impacted, and in many cases saved, by our early detection services. These testimonials underscore our commitment to empowering well-being and proactive health management. Dive in to discover how Virtual Imaging, Inc. is making a difference in people’s lives every day.

The CT scans at Virtual Imaging are top-notch! They detected my coronary artery disease early, allowing for timely treatment. Highly recommended.
Matthew Thompson
Virtual Imaging provides excellent disease prevention services. Their low dose CT lung scan gave me peace of mind, ruling out any major issues.
Olivia Anderson
I recently had a low dose CT full body scan at Virtual Imaging. The experience was quick, painless, and the staff was friendly. A valuable service for maintaining good health.
Benjamin Martinez
Virtual Imaging's low dose CT virtual colonography is a game-changer. A non-invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy, it's a fantastic option for early detection.
Daniel Clark
Virtual Imaging helped me stay ahead of potential health issues with their advanced disease detection services. The low dose CT scans are a lifesaver!
Noah Turner
Virtual Imaging's low dose CT virtual colonography saved me from the discomfort of a traditional colonoscopy. It's a modern and efficient solution for colon health.
James Wilson
Virtual Imaging's disease prevention services are exceptional. Their low dose CT scans allowed me to catch potential health issues early, enabling timely interventions.
Amelia Turner
Saved my husband's life. He'll be having surgery on his aorta because of the scan!
Becky R.
This is prevention for the 21st Century!!! Concierge EBCT Scanning when you want it annually. Early detection of heart disease and cancers!
Roman A.
Went on 1/16 had my scan. Showed a couple of 75% blockages. Had a heart cauterization 2/10 along with stent. Saved my life.
Leslie T.
So happy I signed up. I wish doctors offices and insurance companies would make this compulsory for any one 45 years and over, if you get a clean scan, mandate once a year with your annual physicals, if something is found a scan every 6 months. Virtual Imaging, you are saving peoples lives, THANK YOU.
I had a great experience with staff their products are amazing. The scan that I got probably saved my life it showed build up in my arteries and my calcium levels were high. Tomorrow will be one week since my scan and I'm in the hospital tonight with a new stint in my heart. Thank God for the technology this group has. It's well worth your time to check it out
Danny C.
This is an awesome service. My brother and I both went for a scan. The scan showed that my brother has a minor aneurysm in his descending aorta. It is not currently a problem, however, it needs to be watched for changes. It was a great experience while providing a lot of information. We will both be going back again.
Sandy P.